Covid 19

V-STREAM AVIATION is Taking Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

With years of experience in international private jet travel arrangements, V-STREAM AVIATION has always treated the health and safety of employees and passengers as its top priority. Since the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019, the V-STREAM AVIATION team has been monitoring the progress of the disease to ensure that international operations are effectively managed, and the risks associated with viruses and air travel are mitigated.

• Meet daily to update the status of the outbreak and travel precautions;
• Responding to outbreak response strategies provided by professional agencies, including: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA); U.S. Department of State Travel; Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); World Health Organization
(WHO), etc.;
• By enhancing the frequency of aircraft disinfection to improve the disinfection and sterilization, and to ensure the safety and health of the crew and passengers.

Each aircraft will undergo enhanced sanitation cleanings before every flight, including:
• All hard surfaces in the cockpit, galleys, cabin and lavatories.
• Exterior surfaces like air stair rails, cabin entry doors and latches.
• Seats, including seat handles, armrests, and tray tables.
• Windows, video monitors and remotes.
• Air filtering and purification.

V-Stream Aviation is not an operator. V-Stream Aviation Partners with select operator that hold FAA par 135 and 121 certificates and professionally trained staff to conduct all flights. Copyright 2021 V-Stream Aviation, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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