Discover V-stream Aviation Management and Sales, designed exclusively for aircraft owners. V-Stream Aviation affiliates with Phenix Jet Cayman in providing customized travel solutions to meet our client’s specific needs and preferences. This includes arranging private jet charter flights, selecting the appropriate aircraft, and providing in-flight amenities and services tailored to the client’s preferences.

Differences between


Strucuture Your Assest Holding And Cash Flows For Efficient Tax And Cost/Revenue Allocations Wihtin Your Group Of Busineses


  • Use International Or Local Ownership Vehicles
  • Use International Or Local Lease Structures
  • Potentially Reduce Fet Taxes For Us Owners
  • Ensure The Assest Is Held Beneath Multiple Corproate
  • Veils To Ensure Strict Confidentiality

Crew Flight and Duty Rules

• Flexible on a cases to case bases which allows longer duty periods
• Cayman CAA is fatigue risk management system. PJ has authority to be
very flexible with crew duty due to approval FRMS.
• Current duty rule: 2 pilots- 14.5 hours flight and 16 hours duty. 3 pilots-
18 hours flight and 20 hours duty.
• Benefit- Cost savings due to efficient use of crew and elimination of
crew swaps needed for long haul charter operations or long single day
out and back operations.
• Cayman validates Airmen and Mechanic License issued by FAA, EASA,
Canadian and virtually all other country licenses in 24 hours.
• Expanded personnel options under Cayman as a result of validation of
any license.
• Benefit- ability to hire crew and technician from any region, increasing
talent pool for owner and options for out base locations to keep running
costs low .

Crew & Mechanic Licensing

Differences Overview

Ownership Structures & Confidentiality


Any international or domestic ownership structure is acceptable.

Ability to add multiply layers of corporate veil.

Benefit- ability to structure taxation and confidentiality to maximize the asset.


USA Entities only

LLC/Inc., Trust.

Crew Training Locations for Commercial Operations


Cayman CAA will validate any training location worldwide.

Allows in aircraft training for a controlled and approved programs

Benefit- allows crew to attend training closer to home base, which reduces travel costs and time away from home base for aircraft owner.


FAA only allows USA based training centers.

Regulatory Response and Costs


Cayman conducts 100% remote maintenance conformity and operations inspections.

CAA inspectors will travel to any location worldwide.

CAA is highly responsive to requests and are very accommodating including on weekends.

Benefit- Provide a very flexible environment and cost savings.


FAA Response times and current backlog is very slow and the FAA only work during weekday office hours.

Cost Sharing and Affiliated Ownership


Allows sharing of any operational costs which is not restricted by CAA.

Cayman CAA does not have specific rules for “Fractional Ownership” so all activities conducted follow private operations.

Benefit-Multiple owners allowed on one aircraft with freedom to operate freely as they wish.


FAA regulate costs that can be shared and are very restrictive. FAA has “Fractional Ownership” regulations and therefore increases cost and reduces some private operation flexibilities.


V-Stream Aviation is not an owner or operator of aircraft. V-Stream Aviation arranges with select operators that hold FAA air carrier certificates or equivalent foreign licenses and employ professionally trained staff to conduct all flights.

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